For Employer Groups and Health Plans

Give Your Employees/Members the Newest Breakthrough in Mental Health and Wellness

The Genomind Mental Health Map is a breakthrough genetic test designed to significantly improve engagement and outcomes, while striving to reduce costs.

Traditional EAPs only drive about 5%-7% usage and there is a negative stigma about using them. COVID has exacerbated the need for better mental health solutions. It’s time to change the game in mental health.

The Genomind Mental Health Map provides:

  • Significantly higher employee/member engagement in mental health and wellness
  • 7 in-depth, self-directed online reports with 100s of educational videos and recommendations based on a person's unique genetic predispositions
  • Access to Genomind's BrainTrust Advisors who help guide employees/members... it's easier to talk with our advisors as a first step

A recent survey showed that:

83% of users are likely to discuss concerns with their healthcare provider or therapist

70% of users are likely to make lifestyle changes based on their results and recommendations

77% of users are likely to share findings with family and friends

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