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The Expert Starting Point for Your Mental Health™

The 7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities™


    Your sleep cycle, how easily you fall asleep, sleeping behavior and daytime energy levels.

  • Eating Behavior

    Your eating patterns, triggers, food selectivity and preferences.

  • Mood

    Your temperament, outlook, emotional vulnerability and mood stability.

  • Focus & Memory

    Your working memory, long-term memory, focus and attention.

  • Stress & Anxiety

    Your stress response, anxiety and adaptability.

  • Social Behavior

    Your self-perception, social perception and need for social connection.

  • Habits & Substance Use

    Your habit-forming potential and effects of alcohol, nicotine and marijuana.

A Breakthrough in Mental Health and Wellness

For decades, the way we think about mental health has focused on environment, lifestyle and experiences. Now we’ve learned that genetics plays a powerful role in your predispositions.

The Genomind® Mental Health Map™ is a breakthrough genetic test designed to help you understand your predispositions so that you can take new actions for your mental wellbeing.

Every test includes:

Analysis of 38 genetic mechanisms that impact your mental health and wellness

7 interactive reports that identify your predispositions

Genetically-based recommendations and resources

30-minute consult with a Genomind® BrainTrust™ Advisor

No prescription required.

How It Works

7 In-Depth Mental Health Reports

Navigate Your Mental Wellness

30-minute Expert Consultation

TRI-LOCK™ Privacy and Security

What People Are Saying

I now feel I have the tools to improve my mental health and better understand ‘me’.

Gina U.

This is super helpful. Every single person who has anxiety needs this test.

Craig M.

It is so completely freeing to have answers! Life is too short not to know who you are!

Juli S.

So much of it really resonated with me. It really is the map of my life.

Bonnie B.

This can help you gain the help to overcome obstacles you previously thought immovable.

Lauren M.

I hope this becomes an essential part of every person's health care in the future.

Bill W.

Your Genetics, New Insights

Mental health influences many aspects of your life, but it can be difficult to talk about. Knowing what’s written in your genetics empowers you to take steps toward a healthier you.

Cutting-Edge Science

Our world-class genetics lab has processed over 250,000 DNA samples, and we test every swab twice for 99.9% accuracy. Our lab is CLIA, CAP and New York Department of Health certified and exceeds the highest federal standards.

Mental Health Heritage

Genomind was founded by renowned clinicians and scientists committed to compassionate patient care and psychiatric innovation. We develop the most advanced and comprehensive mental health genetic tests in the industry.

Take Action with Helpful Resources

Take Action for Your Mental Wellness

Find out how your genetic predispositions affect your mental health and how you can alter the expression of your genes to improve your wellbeing.

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